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The Spirit of Sustainability

In case you didn’t know, Finns are fun. They might seem distant at first, but beneath that cool reserve, they’re sunny, summery folks with steely resolve. We come from a practical, peaceful culture with a national commitment to keeping the planet green and our food sustainable.

Speaking of food, they say you are what you eat, but we think you eat what you are as well. That’s why optimistic people of all flavors and dietary preferences flock to our delicious plant-based foods. They’re Oddlygood, and so are we. We’ve taken the centuries-old Finnish tradition of producing healthy foods and made it as lively and quirky as we are. Along the way, we’ve built a positive, accepting company, too. We believe in joy, and we believe in you, too.

So, eat as you are, you beautiful, lovely people.

Valio: The Spirit of Sustainability

To fully understand how Oddlygood came to be, here’s a little bit about our parent company. We are Valio, a world leader in the dairy ingredients market. Since 1905, we’ve celebrated the taste of Nordic nature through innovative product development. We’re honored to follow in the footsteps of Nobel Prize winner A.I. Virtanen. To date, we hold more than 300 patents in 50 countries.

At Valio, we want to be an active part of the solution to today’s global challenges. We are conscientious of our environmental and climate impacts, and we take deliberate measures to reduce them.

Our nearly 50 years of sustainable steps started in the 1970s, when we introduced a system for reusable transport packaging in Finland. Fast-forward to 2015: We created the world’s first 100% plant-based milk carton. By 2018, all of our gable-top milk, cream and yogurt cartons were produced with plant-based materials. Transparency is of the utmost importance in our raw materials supply chain. Along with our partners, our responsible sourcing is traceable and subject to high quality standards across three essential areas: food safety, social responsibility and environmental responsibility. We verify the quality, safety and origin of all the raw materials and packaging materials we source.

For seven years running, the Finns have named Valio Finland’s number one sustainable company. Valio’s milk ranks among the cleanest in the world. We are honored by this recognition as we continue our work in regenerative agriculture (also known as carbon farming) and pursue another sustainable goal: carbon-neutral dairy by 2035. We are a proud member of the Science Based Targets Initiative, a collection of global companies that are taking the lead on science-based climate action in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Oddlygood: A Natural Evolution

Along our quest to keep our food sustainable and our planet green, we created Oddlygood, a growing family of plant-based products made from oats and simple, delicious ingredients. We believe every diet is an important and individual choice. That’s why we’ve created the best-tasting plant-based food options — steeped in our legacy of innovation and sustainability — for all to enjoy. Naturally, all of our packaging is recyclable.

Whether vegan, flexitarian, dairy-free (by conviction or diet restriction), or curious by nature, Oddlygood stands for individuality and all the good life has to offer.

Eat like you give a damn!

We invite you to learn more about Valio’s sustainability efforts and our core areas of focus: Co-operative Foundation, Animal Welfare, Transparent Sourcing and Innovations.

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