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High-performance Plant-based Cheese

Presenting the perfect plant-based cheese: It’s made by chefs for chefs, to enhance your menu and entice your customers. Mouth-watering and wonderfully meltable, our plant-based cheese creates the ultimate good-for-you (and the planet) takeout pizza that people can't get enough of! And our products are so versatile - see what other culinary treats they inspire.

A New Style of Eating Has Arrived – and Oddlygood Is Ready!

Plant-based, gluten-free, flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan: That’s how your customers are eating. In fact, recent studies reveal that 65% of Americans are willing to try plant-based foods, and one in four Millennials now identify as vegan or vegetarian. So it’s smart to satisfy these new needs – and we’re here to help. We’re Oddlygood, internationally known for innovating delectable plant-based, gluten-free options. Our products will delight your cheese-loving customers, fir with their diet, and keep them coming back for more.

Boost Your Business with Oddlygood Products

There’s no doubt, eating habits are changing. What was quirky yesterday is the new normal, and Oddlygood is ready to help you satisfy every and any preference. Thanks to our Finnish heritage and 100+ years in business, we have mastered tasty, nutritionally rich cheeses that are plant-based and can be part of many alternative diets. Go ahead and add a "healthy for you" section to the menu: Our plant-based shreds, slices and logs allow chefs to whip up delectable pizzas, bubbly mac n' cheese, or top a meatless burger with savory Cheddar. It's good for your bottom line, too: Customers will pay up to 65% more for plant-based dishes.

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Food Distributors, We Know What You Need!

Up to 94 percent of Americans are interested in plant-based eating…which means your operator customers and your business are changing dramatically! Oddlygood products allow you to partner with these customers on plant-based, on-trend menu concepts that create new revenue streams, boosting incremental sales for both of you. With our plant-based products, you - the distributor - become a valuable resource for your operator customers, offering them the plant-based cheeses and menu-extension knowledge they need for success. Just one of the ways we support you: By sharing our video on "How to Sell OddlyGood Mozzarella Cheese" to your customers.

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    You’ve seen the shift to plant-based eating. We’ll show you how our Oddlygood plant-based cheeses help satisfy your customers – and grow your business!


    Build your business: Oddlygood products are the alternative options that restaurant operators need – today and tomorrow. This video will help you sell Oddlygood plant-based cheeses to your customers

Pizza is Getting a Vegan Makeover with Plant-based Mozzarella from Finland


Introducing The Oddlygood Ambassador Program

Our plant-based products are used by chefs around the globe to create all kinds of irresistible dishes for health-conscious customers. Now we’re taking on – and over! – the U.S. market. Here’s what our brand ambassadors have to say. They aren’t paid to rave about our products. They just love to rave about the Oddlygood difference!

Personal chef Natalie Maxwell is one of our fans, explaining, “I love the smooth, creamy texture of Oddlygood cheese. It holds up to heat incredibly well, so it’s an excellent melty cheese. The mild flavor means it’s perfect for so many uses.” Check out Natalie's Instagram account.

Mario DeMita Jr. owns Mario’s pizza shop, near the entrance of the popular Niagara Falls State Park. “Our customers are literally from all over the world! There are many cultures that are vegan, or have alternative diets," he says. And capturing their business was hard - before Oddlygood - that is. Now, Mario won't use any other plant-based cheese. "Frankly, there is no comparison to other plant-based products on the market.I've done side-by-side comparisons with my employees using Oddlygood and several other brands. Oddlygood is in a whole other league. Meltability, texture and taste are all superior. We have had nothing but positive feedback from our customers."

Try our amazing plant-based cheese yourself, or put it in your chef’s hands, and see for yourself what a great game-changer it is. Oddlygood: A little quirky.. and with incredible melting qualities!