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We believe in joy. And we like to believe that our plant-based products reflect that same optimism. We use the purest-quality ingredients to craft mouthwatering choices that will delight vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike. And while our plant-based product selections are already well known internationally, we’re thrilled to bring them to the US market for the first time.

Oddlygood™ is a growing range of plant-based products. We currently offer cheese alternatives like plant-based mozzarella and cheddar that taste great and melt beautifully. We also offer great tasting plant-based oat yogurt alternatives.

We are on a mission to build a sustainable world that enables delicious and nutritional rich individual choices. That’s why we have created the best tasting and nutritious plant-based options—steeped in our legacy of innovation and sustainability—for all to enjoy.

Dairy Free Oat Yogurt Alternatives

Oddlygood™ oat yogurt alternatives are creamy, delicious, and made in the U.S. from healthy and sustainable, gluten free oats. They are also GMO free, soy free, dairy free and suitable for vegans.

The great tasting and nutritious oat yogurt alternatives are packed with berries and fruits, enriched with vitamins (B12 and D2) and minerals (calcium and iodine) and contain live and active cultures and protein (3g/serving). Available in four delicious varieties in 5.3 oz cups. Eat Like you Give a Damn!

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Superior Cheese alternatives

Available in shredded format, with superior meltability, and in a shred-able and slice-able log format, our mozzarella and cheddar cheese alternatives are perfectly versatile. Prepare everything from wholesome, gluten-free quesadillas to robust, vegan paninis and savory, healthy pizzas.

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Oddlygood product portfolio includes many awesome plant-based products such as cheese and oat yoghurts and drinks.

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