Change happens when you put money where your mouth is

BIG NEWS! We are thrilled to announce that we have received a significant growth funding. This is a remarkable steppingstone for our future, as we aim to make the tastiest food this planet holds.

Hey there! We’re Oddlygood™ and so are you!

Oddlygood™ is a growing range of plant-based products made out of simple ingredients. We believe that you eat what you are and that’s why optimistic people of all flavors and dietary preferences flock to our delicious, plant-based foods.

Oats is where it all started. In Finland. You know the northern country with thousands of lakes and people that don’t say much but they mean it when they do? Yep. That’s us. We come from a practical, peaceful culture and it is in our nature to keep the planet green and our food sustainable. Along the way, we’ve built a positive, accepting brand, too.


the Oddlygood™ side of life!

Life itself is rather odd

We live in an unexpected oasis of green and blue life, in an otherwise infinite and barren universe. Weird, isn't it?

Odd is a virtue

In life, people and our products, being odd is something we celebrate.

Celebrate yourself

It's the odd little differences that make us all, uniquely human.

Eat like you give a damn

What you eat is who you are. Enjoy life to its fullest, in a sustainable way. We only have one planet.