Our story

Let’s go back where it all started. Oats. We come from the land of Oats. We’ve taken the centuries-old Finnish tradition of producing healthy foods and made it as joyful as we are. We strive to create the best tasting and nutritious plant based options for you to try and enjoy - Oddlygood™ - no more compromises!

In life, people and our products, being unique is something we appreciate. There are no odd ones out, just odd little differences that make us unique. Oddlygood™ does not judge or confront. It does not make you feel inadequate but empowered, joyful and inclusive. We are on a mission to build a sustainable world that enables delicious and nutritional rich individual choices with no confrontation.

What does Oddlygood stand for

  1. Inclusive. Oddlygood is a joyful choice in a world of confrontation. Oddlygood™ is suitable for everyone. For us every diet is a meaningful and individual choice. Oddlygood™ creates a delicious and nutrition rich world that lives alongside every diet. We want to inspire everyone to make their unique choices with passion and compassion.
  2. Sustainable and delicious. Many people would like to vary their diet and use more plant-based products, but the products available don’t fit their needs or taste. We strive to deliver sustainable products that taste good and work as they should. Oddlygood is good for you and the planet.
  3. Good for everyone. All our products are gluten free and suitable for vegans. And vegetarians, flexitarians and anyone looking for more plant-based products in their diet. Sustainable and nutritious, our products empower people to make meaningful choices that make them feel good about their health and well-being and the well-being of the planet.
Eat like you give a damn.